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This page tells you about our internet security and how you can check that our online order pages are secure.

Before PAYMENT information entered on a SA Home Brew (GTP iCommerce) order page is transmitted across the internet, it is first encrypted by an extremely rigorous algorithm called RC4 128 bit (SSL v3.0) which is proven as secure for online shopping and e-commerce.

This encryption method - based on the multiplication and factoring of extremely large numbers - is actually more secure than providing your credit card number over the phone. Something many of us do without hesitation.

http:// urlThere are several indicators of a secure web page. The first is the http:// prefix on the URL. If this is present it indicates that the connection is secure and encrypted. The URL is visible in the address bar at the top of your browser.

The second indicator of a secure page depends on your browser. Both Netscape and Internet Explorer display a small padlock or key in a lower corner of your screen. When this is closed or highlighted, the page is secure.

IE Padlock NN Padlock

GTP's digital key, required for secure web page encryption was provided by Thawte. Thawte performs a comprehensive background check on any company before issuing a digital key.

You can confirm the authenticity of our key by doing the following

Microsoft Internet Explorer 3: From the file menu, select properties, then click on the security tab to bring up details of the digital ID.

Microsoft Internet Explorer 4: Click on the gold padlock to bring up details of the digital ID

Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 or later: Double click on the gold padlock to bring up details of the digital ID

Netscape Navigator 3: Click on the gold key in the lower left corner and Show Document Info on the Security Information page. Under Certificate, view our Digital ID details.

Netscape Communicator or Later: Click on the gold padlock in the lower left hand corner and the View Certificate button on the Security Information page.

If you are still not comfortable sending your credit card details across the internet, you can fill out your details on the order page as normal, then on the final page click "Print a copy of this order" instead of "Send order through a secure server". You can then send it to us by post or fax, or keep it in front of you when you call our order line.


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